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Preclinical research

Basic research, also known as pure or fundamental research, has as its primary objective the advancement of knowledge and the theoretical understanding of the relationships between the different variables involved in a given process.

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Start-up phase

The molecules identified pass from the phase of pharmaceutical formulation to that of design and testing where the choice of the excipients that must integrate the pharmaceutical substance, the dosage formula and the production methods is evaluated.

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Intermediate phase

Historically, the development of a candidate pharmaceutical product on humans requires several steps in which the low toxicity, the side effects and the activity of the product are demonstrated. This complex process generally takes between five and seven years.

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Final phase

After the formulation has been tested and the effectiveness and safety of the product have been evaluated, the product is registered with the Ministry of Health.

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Product Approval

From the moment the health ministry and / or the competent bodies approve the project, Laura Pharma relies on existing commercial structures by firing its products.

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Product Production

All our products, once authorized by the Ministry of Health and / or the competent offices, are made in health pharmaceuticals shops authorized by the Ministry of Health.

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